A simple way to health and beauty. Only for women

Do you feel that you are living on the run, and sometimes you get tired? Are you wondering how to reconcile all responsibilities and stay full of energy? Are you weakening? See how modern women are doing!

A modern woman has to reconcile many roles with herself. A calm professional in the office, a caring mother, a tender partner at home, and a crazy companion among friends. Fulfilling on many levels gives excellent satisfaction but also requires considerable energy input. How to deal with this?

Don’t give up if you feel you are slowly getting tired. Being tired doesn’t mean you have to give up any aspect of your prosperous life. You probably realized that magnesium is an essential macronutrient that must be supplemented. However, it is possible that you do not know that this element is especially needed for us when we live actively.

Women who exercise at least once a week have a greater need for magnesium. Moreover, stress increases the excretion of magnesium. Coffee also rinses it. Magnesium ions are involved in the biosynthesis (creation) of neurotransmitters in our brain, including serotonin, the “happiness hormone.” Stress causes us to lose magnesium quickly. Magnesium deficiency increases stress and is responsible for deteriorating mood. This, in turn, increases the magnesium consumption again. It’s a loop you can break out of!

Magnesium – what products can you find it?
If you want to meet the daily challenges with a smile on your face and feel better, you should supplement magnesium regularly. A single dose of this element, even in large amounts, will do nothing.

The best way to get enough magnesium is to combine diet and supplementation. From today to work, take your sandwich on wholemeal bread and nuts. Coffee (at least one cup) should be replaced with green tea or… cocoa! Why not?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to get enough magnesium through your diet alone. That is why it is worth supporting yourself with the supplement. There is already magnesium dedicated to women on the Polish market, Magnella. Why is it worth choosing a preparation aimed at women? Because we lose magnesium differently than men, we should supplement it differently.

Supplements with a modified release will ensure optimal levels of magnesium in the body for women. It is also essential to be the only product whose packaging looks nice and is not associated with gloomy pharmacy shelves or diseases. For us women, it also matters.

Magnesium in pregnancy – for the health of mother and baby
Magnesium is essential for pregnant women and those trying to conceive. Magnesium deficiency during pregnancy may increase the risk of eclampsia and premature birth. Therefore magnesium supplementation should be considered a precaution and taken seriously.

We usually remember about folic acid supplementation. Knowledge about the dangers of magnesium deficiency in pregnancy is less common. Magnesium also protects the bones and teeth of a pregnant woman, reducing the risk of osteoporosis in later years. It also prevents cramps, which means that it is safe and effective.

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