How do we slow down the aging process? The neurologist gives you five essential tips.

ach of us would like to delay the aging process. There is a way. Here is what to do to slow down your body’s aging process.

What do seniors suffer most often?
As the expert explained, seniors most often suffer from:

cardiovascular diseases (affecting 75% of the elderly),
diseases of the musculoskeletal system (68%),
neoplastic diseases (60%),
respiratory infections (46%),
digestive system diseases (34%).
nervous system Diseases constitute a separate group, such as:

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia,
Parkinson’s disease,
Many of these diseases occur at any age. Only in the elderly period do they accumulate and worsen.

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How do we prevent these diseases?
According to Dr. Małgorzata Chojnicka-Puławska, an appropriate lifestyle and early treatment of existing diseases are essential. Thanks to this, certain age-related diseases will occur later or not at all, which will translate into quality of life and more prolonged independence.

Be intellectually active, exercise your brain
– First, one knee hurts, then two knees. It is similar to memory, it worsens gradually, and the disorders become more severe – explains Dr. Małgorzata Chojnicka-Puławska and adds: – An example is dementia, which causes a gradual deterioration of memory. Any intellectual activity counteracts this. It delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, mainly those related to memory. So you have to take care of your memory. Intellectual activity tends to decline with age, and the brain needs to be exercised throughout life.

Be sociable
The brain ages a little slower than our entire body. However, mental disorders, mainly depression, and anxiety, accompany us throughout our lives and are a common problem in old age. According to the specialist, these disorders occur in 12-50 percent. Seniors. Depression has worsened recently and is at least twice as likely among the elderly as before the pandemic. Seniors’ loneliness is a serious problem, which promotes depression and worsens overall health. That is why it is worth meeting other people and being active socially.


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A quick walk, a longer life. The pace of walking affects aging.
Take care of the physical activity.
The specialist argued that to maintain the well-being of the elderly, it is necessary to take care of their physical condition. Seniors should be physically active as long and as much as possible. Exercise also has the advantage of making you feel better.

– An hour of sport a day gives off the amount of serotonin provided by one tablet of an antidepressant – believes the neurologist and adds that more and more seniors are exercising, but still not as much as they should.
As the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended, seniors should exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. This effort should be moderate, i.e., associated with an energy expenditure of 3.5-7 kcal/min.

– In practice, it is a walk, descending stairs, cycling, dancing, or working in the garden – explained the expert.

The specialist referred to the American gerontologist Henry Lodge, who recommends seniors play sports six times a week. Four days should be spent on strenuous aerobic exercise and exercising with weights twice a week. She also recalled the recommendations of prof. Ewa Kozdroń from the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education. This specialist convinces us to do gymnastics every day (5-10 minutes), strength exercises for 20 minutes twice a week, and endurance exercises for 30 minutes twice a week.


A quick walk, a longer life. The pace of walking affects aging.

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Keep your body properly hydrated
– Dehydration of the organism in the elderly is a serious problem, as the effect of the thirst center decreases with age. Older people stop taking care of drinking enough fluids, preferably eight glasses of non-carbonated liquids a day. A man is like a flower. If it is not watered, it will waste away – warned Dr. Małgorzata Chojnicka-Puławska.

Take care of a proper diet and the number of meals

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