Why am I not losing weight? Check what you need to work on

Are you on a diet and exercising but see almost no results? You may be forgetting something. Check why the scale pointer is standing still.

There are many reasons why your weight may not be dropping. See if any of the points do not apply to you, and then you will find the answer to the question, “why don’t I lose weight ?!”.

Muscle versus fat
You must remember that when you exercise, you build up your muscles. By eliminating unnecessary fat, you turn it into muscles that weigh more. This is why your body is changing. Your weight does not vary. But don’t give up! Remember that you are on the right track and that the more you build up your muscles, the faster you burn fat.

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day
You’re mistaken if you thought that you would lose a few pounds by giving up extra calories in the morning. You may find that you have gained weight. By not eating breakfast, you slow down your metabolism significantly. A healthy and nutritious breakfast will make your metabolism regular and slim down more effectively.

What is the best training for weight loss?
Muscles have a kind of “memory.” If we perform the same exercises all the time, involving only one part of the muscles, after some time, they become resistant to a specific movement. As a result, the force stops growing, and fat is no longer burned.

Changing exercises from time to time and different alternating types of training is essential. Strength, stretching, and cardio exercises will be most effective. The number of calories you burn will increase significantly.

Products that give energy
With intense exercise, it is very important to provide your body with products that will give you a lot of energy. Don’t give up on carbohydrates; choose easily digestible products, such as brown rice or whole-grain bread. Also, eat protein-rich foods – eggs, milk, meat, fish, avocados… This will keep you full of energy, and your workouts will be more effective.

Consistency and consistency again
If we want to lose weight, regularity is essential. We cannot count on the fact that we will lose weight by exercising and eating healthy only occasionally. We should eliminate all empty calories and unhealthy products from the diet and exercise several times a week. However, it is not about torturing yourself. You can take breaks from training and indulge in chocolate occasionally – but remember that everything must be in moderation.

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