Why do you want to sleep after coffee?

We usually reach for coffee when we need stimulation. Unfortunately, some of us feel even more sleepy and tired after drinking it. Why is this so, and should such an effect worry us? 

a lot of people can’t imagine a day without a cup of coffee… or a few! Over 80% of the world’s population declares that they drink coffee every day. This is the most famous way to wake up quickly and give your body strength. However, coffee does not work the same for everyone. There are people who, after drinking coffee, complain of a sudden drop in energy , and even need to nap for a few minutes to be able to function normally. Is this a normal reaction?

Why does coffee affect each of us differently?
Coffee itself does not cause fatigue. Our brain, and more specifically adenosine, is responsible for this effect. It’s a chemical in the brain that affects our circadian rhythm . The level of this substance in the body increases during the day and decreases in the evening. Caffeine inhibits the action of adenosine by binding to adenosine receptors in the brain.

Unfortunately, our body absorbs caffeine very quickly. and makes us feel energized immediately, but the effect wears off very quickly. The body absorbs 99 percent of the caffeine in just 45 minutes. Caffeine, which inhibits adenosine receptors, does not prevent the formation of new molecules. This is why when our caffeine levels drop, we feel more and more tired.

Whether or not we are sleepy after coffee is due to the body’s individual sensitivity to caffeine. Coffee will also be less effective for people who drink it all the time. Regular drinking of coffee makes us immune to the effects of caffeine.


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How can I stop my coffee from sleeping? Important rules
To prevent excessive sleepiness after drinking coffee, it is worth not to drink too much of it. The optimal amount is 3-4 cups a day. It is also a good idea to limit or give up sugar altogether. Adding sugar (and other sweet additives) to coffee reduces the effects of caffeine and causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels, can make you tired. Fluids should also be replenished to prevent dehydration. When we are very exhausted, a nap is a better idea than reaching for another cup of coffee. The type of coffee we drink is also important. Robusta often has 50% more caffeine than arabica. If we mainly care about the stimulating effect of coffee, it is better to choose coffees with a higher proportion of robusta in the composition.
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